Rehearsal Studios and Practice Rooms


Greenbank Rehearsal Studios

......has easy access and parking. They are soundproof rooms large enough to take the average band and suitable for the solo artist. The rehearsal rooms are air-conditioned, clean and comfortable with a relaxed atmosphere.

The coffee shop and 'village green area' provides the ideal site for taking a break or just to discuss the progress your band is making.



The standard hourly rate includes 300 - 1000W stereo P.A. and up to 4 mics. and stands.

Optional extras include amp. and drum hire and of course the tuck-shop! 


4 or more hrs   £7.70 per hour

2 to 4 hrs   £8.75 per hour

2hrs or less £9.65 per hour

Amp hire ~ £1.65 p.h. Drums ~ £2.75 p.h.(less cymbals)

Solo practice (1 person 1 room) £3.25 ½ hr

(PA, Amp, Piano or Drums included for solo practice)

--------We have five rehearsal rooms available--------

EW2 Rehearsal Studio  

EW2 (posh)                                          EW1 (Live)         


TC8 (Chorography)



                     TC7 (Cabin)                                                             44B (Bunker)


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